Mar 30

Winning the Argument

Many years ago my husband Everett and I bought a nice little starter home in the Headlands neighborhood of Mentor, Ohio. We had lived there for several years, when one day I overheard Ev on the telephone giving out our address to somebody. He spelled the name of our street Glen Lodge with two n’s which was incorrect.When he hung up, I couldn’t resist laughing at him and said “Honey, we’ve lived here for 2 1/2 years, and I can’t believe you don’t even know how to spell the name of your own street!” Ev was not amused and said “What are you talking about? It’s Glenn Lodge.” We argued for a few minutes, both certain of course that we were correct, and getting nowhere dropped the issue.

Several weeks later we were in the car together and at the corner, remembering our little fight, Ev pointed to the sign proving that he was right. It said Glenn Lodge.”Wait a minute,” I said, “turn around and go the other way.” As we approached the other end of our street, much to my amazement, I saw my sign which read Glen Lodge. So we were both right! Our house was located in the middle of the block, and we never realized that I had always approached it from the south end, while Everett entered via the north end of the street. We had a good laugh and enjoyed a rare moment when we could both win the argument and be absolutely right!

Cindy Hall

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