Mar 07

The Rose That Binds Us – Poem by Judy Parsley

The Rose That Binds Us

Roses are red…
Well, sometimes they’re yellow
But then what becomes of my rhyming scheme?
‘Cause “fellow” simply won’t wax sentimental.
Oh really, ending a line with “sentimental”
My love for you is elemental?
Roses are…white
And violets are…violet.
I married you because you’re the best guy-I-met.
Best leave the violets, the roses, the poesy
Thank the Lord that my love’s
More sublime than my poetry.

~ Judy Parsley
(From Marriage Can Be Forever–Preparation Counts, p. 314, used with permission of poet)

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  1. Judith Parsley

    I think the poem is brilliant!

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