Feb 14

Fun Valentine’s Day Dates!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dating is a great idea any time. Some activities though might prompt more fun and laughter than others. Consider these (and then send us a story!):

•   Visit amusement parks
•   Throw a party (with balloons)

Go Dancing!

•   Watch television or movies
•   Spend time with friends
•   Read a funny book aloud to each other
•   Go to a comedy club
•   Write a funny article, story, poem, or song
•   Make a movie
•   Build sand or snow sculptures
•   Write funny letters or emails to each other
•   Take photos; frame them; create a screensaver
•   Play cooperative games
•   Fly kites

If you want more dating ideas, check out www.marriagetransformation.com/articles.htm.

Fun greetings!
Susanne M. Alexander

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